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Ordynacka 13 street, room 5

00-364 Warsaw

e-mail: info@klubdialogu.pl
tel: (+48 22) 498 10 10
tel/fax: (+48 22) 826 54 69
mobile:(+48) 664 788 004

Skype: klubdialogu


Office hours:

Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm


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Free conversation classes

Every Saturday we invite you to conversation classes which are free of charge. Meetings have an open formula and they are conducted on two levels: higher beginner (at 11.00 am) and upper intermediate ( 12.10 am). Every lesson is focused on a different subject and is conducted by different lecturers from our school. We cordially invite our students, ex-students and those who have not yet decided whether to learn with us. Please inform us if you wish to participate in conversations by 11.00am every Thursday.

Often we invite our students to visit interesting places in Warsaw or just celebrate together. Of course in Polish! See photos.


If you are not our student but you would like to participate in the conversation classes, please fill in the application form, complete our online test and inform us that you would like to come.

Are you interested in our free conversation classes? Contact us on: info@klubdialogu.pl.

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